My method of teaching is designed to keep the improvement of students in a proper progression.

      Each class or course is designed so that each student can progress properly at the same time enjoys playing golf.

      I like structure classes in a simple way. I think that the ability of learning and making adjustments in the game is easier when the Professional is secured in that the student has understood it. For this reason, I do great emphasis on make sure that the transmitted information is received from the right way.

      Much as if you aspire to be the best player at the competitive level as if what you are interested in is playing golf with friends and have fun, I have a package of classes that suits your needs.

   Private lessons:

      They are the best way to learn and improve your golf in a personalized way. Using different tools such as video analysis or drills, they will help you to understand the problems in your swing for an easier correction.

      Within this type of lesson, it is possible to group classes for up to three people in a same time.

   Lessons for beginners:

      If you are new to this sport, I have a program that will make you enjoy it. As a professional, it is always nice to receive people with enthusiasm to practice this sport. In this type of courses we will make an introduction to basic elements of golf, as the fundamentals of the swing, the short game, the rules of golf and etiquette.

   Group lessons:

      Designed for students who want to improve their level of play, or are ready to perform the test of handicap, in possession of an official handicap. In this case, the groups will never exceed four students to ensure that they receive a good approach to his game.

   Lessons in the course:

      A great opportunity for the professional to correct you in the field. Acting as a player or caddy, showing hits, studying the greens, controlling your alignment and answering any question.

      Perhaps this teaching method is little used today, but I personally give a great importance. After all the practice, where we want to improve is in the field, and what a better way to do it than with our professor's supervision.