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How to hit a golf ball bellow your feet

          In this page, we are going to help on hitting good golf shots when the ball is lower than your feet. Nowadays there are a lot of golf courses with rolling fairways and after reading this you will be able to hit great shots of sloping lies through simple adjustments to your stance and swing. When we are in this situation, it is not easy to keep a good balance, and this is critical to make a good contact with the ball.  

     Points to remember when having a downhill lie:

     -     Widen your stance a bit. This will help you improving your balance and will provide greater reach down towards the ball.

     -     Shift your weight more to your heels will help you keeping your balance and avoid falling forward during the swing. Bending a bit your knees and pushing your backside out will help you to keep your weight back towards your heels. Try to keep your knees in the flexed position as you follow through.

     -     Aim slightly left. In this kind of situations, the ball tends to move left to right. It takes practice hitting shots from this lie to determine how much the ball will move from left to right.

     -     If you take a shorter swing than normal will be much easier to have a good contact with the ball.

            This kind of shot is not an easy one. Due to this, take a conservative approach to shot strategy from this lie. Both distance and accuracy can be affected by having to hit form a severe slope because it's difficult to feel fully comfortable over the ball. As we talked on course management, play smart.