Hit good shots from the thick rough

          Everybody, even the best golfers in the world, find themselves in deep rough on the golf course from time to time.

          Obviously, it's best not be in the rough and it's nearly always a vicious slice or hook that puts you there. So if you struggle to keep the ball straight, take a look on the lessons in the fault fixing section on this site or book a golf training program with me      

          Once you have determined your lie and choose the correct club, set up normally for your shot. Strike the ball with a normal swing and don't try too hard to hit because of the thick grass. This is when golfers lose focus and begin to drift from normal easy swing. Let the club do the work.

     So to get that extra power, club up, let's say, if you normally would use a 6 iron, take a 5 or 4. The longer club will give the muscle you need to power through the thick terrain.

     Don't try to hit down at it, just swing normal and the results will be good. Only when the grass is really thick we can play the ball in the back third of your stance. This will give you that steeper angle of attack you need without really trying.

     Tightening the grip a bit will help you through the resistance of the high grass.

     So when you find the rough, try to play smart and don't take bad decisions that will cost you too many shots. The best advice, avoid the rough and hit every tee shot in the fairway, just that easy.