What do you need to gain consistency with your driver?

     All of us want to hit long a straight drives, but probably more than once you have put the driver away and resigned to long irons simply because you don't trust it. We should never give up on trying. The driver is an essential club for scoring, as it allows you to shorten your second shot.

     We must know that the driver is the lightest club in our bag. This means that our grip pressure should be looser than with a wedge. The more relaxed your muscles are, the more control you will maintain, and therefore, the longer and straighter your shots will be.

     Once we are relaxed, we should give a big importance to the swing tempo. We don't have to swing fast. Just let the club do its work. A good rhythm with the driver is 99% of the times a ball on the fairway.

     When we are looking to really bomb driver, we tee the ball high and move it up in the stance, just off your left toe. 1 A forward ball position naturally makes your body fall into a power setup. This means your head is well behind the ball, 2 with the shaft leaning back and your right shoulder low. 3 your torso should feel loose, relaxed and prepared to hit the ball with an upward strike. To learn more about the set up position check the article:

Driver and setup position

     To gain control when hitting the tee shot, we can choke down on the grip a couple inches and narrow the stance so your feet are only slightly wider than your shoulders.

     Remember to stay relaxed when coming through the ball – let that big club head do the work. Even when we are trying to control the drive, when we don't load up as much, we must swing down aggressively. I mean, if you hang back, the tendency is to flip your arms at the ball and that's when the shots go sideways. Stay relaxed, trust it and drive it long and straight.

     As you finish, you should be up on your back legs tip toe as your front foot stays nailed to the floor. A relaxing swing will help you finish the club over the shoulder.

     Now go on the range and hit the driver in a simple, relaxed way. A 180 yard drive down the middle is a lot better than a 290 yard drive into the trees.